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Definition of Hotel
Hotel is a type of accommodation that use all or part of the building which provides accommodation services , food and drink services , and other services for tourists who travel , the management is done commercially .
Hotel seen from the location of the hotel
City Hotel: The hotel is located in urban areas , is usually reserved for people who intend to stay a while ( in the short term ) . City Hotel is also known as a transit hotel because normally occupied by business people who use the facilities and business services provided by the hotel.
Residential Hotel : Hotel is located in a large city near of area away from the hustle of the city , but easy to reach places of business activities . The hotel is located in quiet areas, especially because it is for people who want to stay in the long term. The hotel is furnished with complete living facilities for the family.
Resort Hotel : Hotel is located in the mountains ( mountain hotel ) or by the beach ( beach hotel ) , on the shores of the lake or on the banks of the river flow . The resorts are primarily for families who want to relax on holidays or for those who want to relax.
Motel (Motor Hotel ) : Hotels are located in the periphery or along the highway linking the city with other major cities , or on the edge of the highway near the gate or large city. The hotel is intended as a temporary resting place for those traveling by public transport or your own car. Therefore, it provides facilities for the car garages.
Guest Room Types According to Bed Existing
Single Room : Room available for a single person with the condition of the occupants contains one single bed ( single bed ) . Type of room like this is rare and almost none in the five-star hotel .
Double Room : Rooms are available for the two conditions provides occupants with a large bed ( double bed ) .
Twin Room : Room available for two occupants with conditions , contains two double beds ( twin beds ) and placed separately .
Standard Room : Rooms are available for two occupants with the condition , Guang Yu Book Store one double bed (double bed ) or two beds .
Superior Room : Standard room wider or larger .
Deluxe Room : Room with a size.
Suite Room : Rooms are available for two thirds or more of the conditions contained two or three more rooms with room sizes bigger , wider and fuller equipped with additional facilities such as living room , dining , family and a small kitchen ( kitchenette ) and mini bar . There is bed double bed, twin beds or even single beds.
Presidential: This is the largest room in comparison with other types of rooms. This basically categorized Suite Room with extensive and most complete facilities. This type of room is almost like home. Not all hotels have rooms of this type, only the luxury hotels that provide 5 star, and even then only a few units. Some hotels put Suite Presidential close to the Presidential helicopter landing facilities (helipads) and has the best view owned hotel.
Based on a long stay
Transient Hotel, the hotel where guests stay an average of just for one or two nights
Residential Hotel, the hotel DIMA guests staying for a long time, more than one week
Semi Residential Hotel, the hotel where the guests stay over two nights to one week
Based on hotel rates
Economy Hotel, is a hotel with a relatively low rate.
First Class Hotel, is hotel with rates being.
Deluxe Hotel , which is an expensive hotel with rates.
Other hotel terms:
Guest House, as the name of this place resembles a house with several rooms. Some rooms for rent with shared use of kitchen, living room and other spaces. Homeowners there also lives here.
Villa or Cottage . Physically, it is actually a hotel with a few houses in the area. Building detached from other units . The location is usually not located in a dense region. The bias offers a quieter atmosphere. Room service is provided as well as hotels, luxury villas available even to its own officers for each unit of the villa .
Home stay . Actually similar to the guest - house owner usually only stay with guest house. Home stays are usually privately owned.
Inn / Lodge. Is a simple inn and is situated alongside the city or transit. Does not provide a lot of facilities.
Bed & Breakfast. Is the only facility for bed and breakfast only. The term is still less popular in Indonesia but has been widely used abroad.
Budget Hotel. Is a hotel with limited facilities and usually located in the city center.
Hostel. Hotels usually use for party guests. One room can be filled with 4 people even more. Amenities are usually simple with bathroom outside the room. This hostel is usually used for group study-tours.